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Monday, April 25, 2016

Wizard Rage goes Live on Xbox 360!

I am pleased to announce that my newest game, Wizard Rage is now live on the Xbox 360! 

Wizard Rage is an awesome new FPS for gamers looking for new content on their Xbox 360.  It takes traditional FPS gaming in a bold new direction - and its a LOT of fun.  Check it out!


  1. I've just purchased Wizard Rage for $.99 and it won't let me play unless I have an Xbox Gold account. Are you telling me I have to pay for the game and an Xbox Gold Account to play your game?! If so that is completely absurd and should be clearly stated in the game description. If it is the case that I must pay for the game and an Xbox Gold account to play Wizard Rage I would like a refund for I have no interest in paying $60 for a Gold Account and paying for individual games themselves.

  2. Ethan - Thank you for reaching out to me. In order to play ANY online game on your Xbox, you will need to purchase a gold account. You can still download and play single player games, but to play online you will need a gold account. Unfortunately, Wizard Rage is a multiplayer-only game.

    While I do not have the ability to issue a refund, I sent you free game codes for two of my other games - Ultimate Dodgeball and Kick'n it. Both have great single player and local multiplayer modes that do not require a gold account. I sent the codes as a reply to your Facebook message to ensure you received them.


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