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Friday, November 7, 2014

Bringing Programming to our School District

Last summer I met with our school district's superintendent and shared the video I made for him, and expressed my passion for providing programming opportunities for every elementary student.  He was very receptive, and I agreed to do further research on resources that would extend programming instruction into junior high, as well as for app creation. 

I presented my recommendations in a follow-up meeting with his team, and he asked if I would create a series of workshops to train teachers how to teach programming with Hopscotch and Scratch, in addition to a seminar to introduce principals to the Hour of Code.

In just a couple weeks I will be introducing the Hour of Code to principals in our district.  I'm very excited, and hopeful that they will adopt the Hour of Code at their schools.  Last year I taught 130 kids how to make their own programs, but this year thousands of students in our district can discover computer programming.

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