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Monday, August 18, 2014

Dev Log - Animations Complete

Since launching Ultimate Dodgeball on XBLIG, I’ve been quietly and persistently working away on a new FPS.  Last month I finished implementing all the powers, upgrades and abilities that players can earn, and on Saturday I finished all the animations for the game. 

Ultimate Dodgeball had some pretty cool animations, but this FPS has posed some new challenges to overcome.  To begin with, a first person game needs two sets of animations for every action; one animation of a player’s hands that will appear on his own view, and a second full body animation that all other players will see.
In addition, I can now play two sets of animations on a character at the same time, so a strafe animation can play for the character’s legs and torso, and a fire or heal animation can play on his arms and hands.  I was also able to tilt a character’s head and weapon arm when players look up or down.  All in all I am very pleased with how my animation system has evolved with each new game. 

Now that animations are done, I’m one step closer to being feature complete.  My next step will be making a final pass of all visual effects.  I integrated two different special effects systems into the code early in the project, but now I need to pay them another visit and make sure that all effects are complete and that they meet my quality and frame rate requirements.

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