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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ultimate Dodgeball - 2nd Best Selling XBLIG

Ultimate Dodgeball was the 2nd best selling Xbox Indie game heading into Christmas!  Its rapid rise to 2nd place was due to an early Christmas present from Microsoft - being selected for a dash promo - and a good conversion rate. 
My goal when making Ultimate Dodgeball was to break into the top 50, and I was ecstatic when the game became stable at #17 on the best selling list.  To see it in the top 5 however, even if only for the two weeks of the promo was really exciting. 
Not every game that gets selected for a Dash Promo can break into the top 5.  That tells me that the quality and execution of Ultimate Dodgeball and its demo experience are solid enough to close the sale.  Of course there are games that are stable in the top 5 without a dash promo.  I believe the reason for their success is that they have a core concept that has a strong appeal to our audience and they are well executed. 
The core concept for my next game has the potential to break into the top 10.  Now I'm working to execute on that potential.

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