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Monday, April 15, 2013

Video Reviews - Part 2

While searching for new press Ultimate Dodgeball may have received, I discovered several new video reviews.  Some of these videos are from fans sharing the game with friends, and others are people exploring indie games for the first time.  Each has a different story to tell, and as a game designer I've loved getting this insight into my audience.  Thanks to everyone who played Ultimate Dodgeball and shared it with their Youtube audience.

IG FalloutBrute
"Really cool game, really fun.  Controls are easy to learn and use.  I would definitely recommend this game...I give it a 10."

"This game's actually pretty fun!"  He selected Ultimate Dodgeball to kick off a new series he was starting called "The Indie Trials."  He began with very low expectations of indie games, and was caught by surprise when he realized he was having fun :)

Josh Weaver
Played a 2 vs 2 Deathmatch without commentary.

Drew Reviews
"Pretty fun, but makes me rage."  Drew really liked the game, but also had a lot to say about things he didn't like - so of course I took notes.

A grade school student who recorded a 2 on 2 elimination game on his Iphone.

"Looks really good and entertaining...Pretty manic." [Explicit]

Played Deathmatch on Expert mode, and had to turn the difficulty down.  He had a good time and felt great when he triumphed in the end. [Explicit]

King Prank
"I don't know who plays these indie games, I'm just giving it a go."  He didn't think he would like it, but the game seemed to win him over.  [Explicit]

"An awesome indie game session."  Played a 1 on 1 online match for a feature called Indie Game Mondays.  [Explicit]

will hite
A couple grade school kids taking down the final team on coop tournament.  They had played the game on and off for a couple months and hadn't been able to beat them.  They stayed up late one night, recorded this on an Iphone and were victorious!  [Explicit]

CreeperJoeGaming XBL
"They're over 90, they should all be dead."  Said during an online elimination match, when one player thought he had hit his Old School opponent.  These two had a lot of fun.  [Explicit]

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