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Monday, March 25, 2013

Reviews are In - Ultimate Dodgeball

Reviews have been coming and are overwhelmingly positive.  A big thank you to everyone who took the time to review Ultimate Dodgeball. 

IRB Gamer
"I'd highly recommend Ultimate Dodgeball to anyone with 80 Microsoft Points to spare.  Don't believe me, just try the trial run in the Marketplace."

Clearance Bin Review
" of the better multiplayer games on the Xbox Indie market."

Talk Nerdy To Me
"There's a great time to be had when you do a cartwheel to dodge a fast ball then smack another player square in the face with your flaming ball of awesomeness.  Okay, maybe I'm romanticizing this game a little.  In fact, it's a nice little game and for only 80 points, its one you all should definitely try."

Trials for Life
"It's dodgeball and it's fun.  Gather your friends for a laugh riot."

" awesome game...where players can defy gravity with throwing moves that include flaming cartwheels and spinning backhands."

The sole negative review comes from 1Up or Poison, who opened with:
"...has a lot in common with all those avatar sports games that seem to clutter the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace.  The biggest similarity: pure mediocrity."

Although positive, many reviews do cite a frustration that the player's AI teammates die too easily on the lower difficulty levels.  This is because when I turn down the AI on lower difficulty settings, I'm currently turning down the player's AI teammates as well as his opponents.  This prevents the player's AI teammates from dodging as effectively as they would on higher difficulty levels.

I may be able to address this in a future patch by simply allowing the player's AI teammates to dodge at a higher difficulty level than their opponents.  I'll have to be careful though, so I don't inadvertently make the game too easy or make the player feel like he is the weakest link on his own team.

All in all I'm very pleased with how well Ultimate Dodgeball has been received by reviewers and in the marketplace.  This has been a huge step forward from my first game Kick'n It!, and it is my hope the my next game will be another great step forward. 

Thanks again to all my reviewers!

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