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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Video Reviews - Ultimate Dodgeball

Several playthroughs and video reviews for Ultimate Dodgeball have been posted to Youtube.  Video reviews are cool because you get to see for yourself what the game is actually like.  As a developer it was great to see people outside of a focus test playing and enjoying the game.  I would like to say a big thank you to each person who posted a video of Ultimate Dodgeball.

One of the first reviews I saw was from RealLAGgamers.  On his very first time playing the game he decided to play deathmatch on insane difficulty.  I thought he was done for, but he hung in there and had a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed his relaxed commentary as he experienced the game.

Edgarsaur is a British college student who decided to play through the entire campaign. He initially got shut down by the Militia and I found myself rooting for him as he came back with a vengeance.  I also enjoyed listening to his British phrases.  He really had a good time.

T0mThompson and his friend NameProduct live in Germany.  They played through several online matches and you can tell they were having a good time even if you don't understand German.  I actually got to play a match with them several weeks ago when they volunteered to help me track down and fix a multiplayer bug.

DarkHogosha has a cool video feature called "A Week at the Indies" during which he briefly plays each XBLIG game that came out that week and gives you his initial impression.  Unfortunately the game failed to excite him during the brief time he played the tutorial.   If you want to watch this video, his comments about Ultimate Dodgeball begin at 5:16.

MinecraftSuperStreet posted a nice deathmatch playthrough that already has a lot of views.  Unfortunately a recording glitch prevented his commentary from being heard, although I could him laugh and groan while playing the game and he seemed like he was having a good time.
aaronthesplazer regularly posts video playthroughs of XBLIG games, and I still remember the play through he made last year of my first game. This is a nice deathmatch playthrough without commentary, and it currently has the most views.  I really enjoyed all the cool avatars that the game brought in from his friend's list. 

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