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Monday, October 22, 2012

Dev Log - Playtests

Playtests have gone extremely well.  Tournament mode has turned out to be a powerful draw, expecially for gamers who are playing it in coop.  In both cases where gamers were playing tournament in coop, they were unwilling to put the controllers down until they beat the entire tournament.  This is important, as I am planning to use the first two Tournament levels in the demo to entice gamers to purchase the full game.

All gamers were able to learn the controlls fairly easily, whether or not they played the tutorial.  Those that did play the tutorial were pleasantly surprised that a tutorial would be that fun.

All gamers loved the avatar team different styles, which enabled them to personify enemies and feel satisfaction at defeating them.

The game itself has been very solid, with most feedback being balancing tweeks or minor feature requests.  My next objective is to fix outsiding bugs with Live Multiplayer so I can begin a series of online playtests.  Almost there...

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