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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dev Log - Localization

It was very exciting to see the game in Japanese for the first time!  At this point I have finished integrating the German, Spanish and Japanese translations into the game.  I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my friends who offered to translate the game for me.

I am very interested to see how localizing the game will impact sales.  I was unable to get a French translation, but this will actually help me gauge the impact of localization.  Sales from Germany and France were roughly the same for my last game, so if sales from Germany are much stronger with this release I will be able to put a value on localization.

Localizing the game in XNA was not very difficult, but it did increase the time needed to create the interface screens.  Since I had no way of knowing how short or long a given phrase would be, I had to measure each phrase and center it in code.  The size of background borders and boxes also had to be calculated dynamically to match their contents.  In cases where graphics, such as button prompts occur in the middle of a line of text, I had to make special adjustments for each language.  Had I only been working in English, none of that would have been necessary.

But I am very excited to have localized this game into other languages.  Localization was the last of the three new areas I wanted to master.  The other two were computer AI and online multiplayer.  I am currently implementing the demo mode and sales screen into the game.  I will then start an intensive round of play testing and bug fixing before submitting the game for peer review.  Getting close now...

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