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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dev Log - Multiplayer & Localization

Happy 4th of July to my American readers!  For Americans, the 4th of July marks our independence day, and is a time to celebrate our freedom.  Its always been a symbolic day for me, as it also marks the day 15 years ago when I left a good but ultimately unsatisfying 9-5 job to pursue my dream of making games.  Its been quite an adventure with rewards and sacrifices that went far beyond what the 9-5 job would have provided or required. 

It also marks the day I submitted my first indie game and therefore marks a different kind of independence.  I would have loved to submit my latest game on the 4th.  The single player is solid and fun.  The tutorial is complete.  All high prioirity bugs are fixed.  However two very important things remain: Multiplayer and Localization.

As I continued work on the single player game, new features were added that the multiplayer now needs to sync.  I've had great success getting the multiplayer back online but there's still much to do.  So I'm currently working through multiplayer bugs, and will be doing online focus tests.

The game is ready to be localized into as many languages as the Xbox supports and I can get translations for.  I am currenlty awaiting translations for Spanish and German.  I would still like to find someone who would be willing to translate the game into French, Italian or Japaneese.  So if any readers know one of these languages and would be interested in translating an indie game, let me know!

Well, it is the 4th today, so I will leave Multiplayer and Localization for tomorrow.  Today I will bake an apple pie and gather with family and friends to celebrate freedom.  Freedom of all kinds.

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