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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dev Log - Countdown to Dream Build Play

Each year Microsoft runs a contest for XNA indie developers called Dream, Build Play.  Its an opportunity to gain exposure for myself as a developer and for my game, and I could even win some prize money.  Just as important however, it provides a hard deadline that I can use to rally my external artists, my family and myself to make the final push to finish this game.

I am currently working through the bug list.  I'm looking forward to opening the game to wider focus testing after I submit to to Dream Build Play.  The interfaces, win and lose screens for Live multiplayer games are all in and working properly.  All tiling and modeling issues with the environment have been fixed.  We are currently working through the final textures for the environment.

I hit a snag getting the client and server to stay synced up during Live multiplayer matches.  There are more game states to maintain than when I first wrote the multiplayer code, and I'm trying to protect against lag.  Delivering a solid multiplayer experience may yet prove to be a challenge.

Well, here is to the next three weeks.  Let the countdown begin!

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