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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dev Log - User Interface & Environmental Textures

I continue to work toward locking down all the game's features.  My current strategy is to try to complete a vertical slice of game play.  What this means is that for each game mode, I am completing all the user interface screens and minor features that are needed to lock down that mode.

Once the core of a game is complete, a developer can often mistakenly believe he is "almost done."  However, there is often a substantial amount of work remaining such as the user interface and a host of small but necessary features.  And that is what I have been doing. 

I have completed the Game Settings screen from which the player can choose AI difficulty, as well as the number of players or balls.  Playing around with the different settings created some pretty fun situations.  I've also completed the Help and Objective screens and am in the process of wrapping up the win and lose screens.  I've also set-up all these screens so they can be localized into several languages.  I'm very excited to see the what impact localizing the game will have on sales.  Currently the vast bulk of sales are coming from English speaking countries.

As part of the vertical slice I'm trying to lock down the envirnoment, and have just recieved a textured version of the play arena.  We're currently working through a problem that is preventing the textures from tiling properly.  It can sometimes be difficulty to determine whether these types of problems are caused by the code or by the art.

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