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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dev Log - Audio, Visual Effects & Elimination Mode

I'm on the home stretch now, striving to get the game in a feature complete state.  Game music and sound effects are in.  I've opted for an extreme sports style heavy metal music that really pumps you up and makes you grip the controller.  I was fortunate to find some great sound effects that didn't require much editing.  Controller vibration is in as are fire and ghosting effects for special attacks.  Elimination mode is largely complete and the eight different teams the player will battle have been created.

I'm currently working on getting fans in the stands that will stand up and cheer when a team makes an awesome play.  This has turned out to be more time consuming that anticipated.  There are several ways to approach this, but since I've already got up to 16 unique avatars on screen at one time I'm opting for one that will maintain frame rate.

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