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Monday, August 29, 2011

Reviews are in!

A big thanks to all the online publications and blogs who published reviews of Kick'n It!

Eight reviews have been published in the two weeks since Kick'n It! was released, as well as over a dozen mentions – including this nice one from Jessica Weimar at Mash Those Buttons.  Reviews have been mixed.  In fact, they are equally split between those that love the game, those that hate it, and those that are somewhat lukewarm about it.

I have to admit that reading my first negative review really hurt.  I’ve been making games for 14 years now, so I’ve received plenty of positive and negative reviews before. This time however it was different. It was personal. Every decision that was made was mine. Every accomplishment and every failure was also mine. So I had to take a few days off and come back to the reviews with a more objective mind in order to really benefit from them.

Reviewers that really liked the idea of a hacky sack game gave the highest scores and those that disliked the idea of a hacky sack game (or avatar games in general) gave the lowest scores. Their feeling about the subject matter of the game seemed to set the tone of the review itself. As a couple reviewers pointed out, there hasn’t been a game about hacky sack in over ten years. That made Kick’n It! either fresh and innovative - or pointless, depending on your point of view.

Xbox Hornet                       8 / 10
SFX-360                             6 / 10
Gamestyle                          3 / 10

The Gaming Inferno           Good
Indies On Pause                 Good
Freakin Indies                     Fair
Indie Gamer Chick              Bad
1 Up or Poison                   Bad

There were several lessons to be learned from these reviews that I am already taking to heart as I scope out the next project. I’ll share them with you when I write a full post mortem for Kick’n It!. Thanks again to all the reviewers. For those of you reading this that have played Kick’n It! I’d love to hear from you. How did you like the game? What improvements would you like to see in a potential sequel?

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