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Monday, August 15, 2011

Ratings Rollercoaster

On our launch day I was amazed and elated to discover that Kick'n It! was number 11 on the top rated games list.  But by the end of the day we were number 202!  We then bounced back to number 31, and are now around 45.  What happened?

Well it turns out that there isn't a minimum number of votes needed to appear on the top rated chart.  So when a game has few total votes, a single positive or negative vote can change its position greatly.  In addition, there are a lot of games on the service that are around 4 stars - including Kick'n It!  Games that are a little over 4 stars can be in position 11.  Games that are a little under 4 starts can be position 202.

So every vote truly counts.  If you're reading this and haven't already voted for Kick'n It! - please take a moment to vote 5 stars.  You can vote from your Xbox by selecting Kick'n It! from the Indie Game marketplace or from you computer by following this link.  Thanks!

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